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All aboard for an exhilarating journey around two of Europe’s most enthralling isles on a Globus Britain and Ireland tour. Marvel at the grandeur of Buckingham Palace in iconic London and breathe in the scents of the past as your wander through elegant Merrion Square in bustling Dublin. Feel the tingle of excitement as you discover the beautiful, thatched stone buildings in Adare, Ireland’s prettiest town, or England’s Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. Experience quintessential local favourites, such as scone making in an Irish farmhouse and a pint of cold Guinness straight from the factory. Fall deeply in love with the Isles as you travel through Britain and Ireland.

Snapshot: Britain & Ireland
Britain: London // Republic of Ireland: Dublin
Official Language
Britain: English // Republic of Ireland: Irish
Britain: 66 million // Republic of Ireland: 4.8 million
Britain: GB Pound // Republic of Ireland: Euro
Time Zone
Drives on the



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Travelling in Britain and Ireland
Best time to visit
“It’s summeeeeeer!” You can almost hear the Brits and Irish yell it from the rooftops. There’s no doubt, summer is the best season for visiting Britain and Ireland. Not that there's anything to protest about the other seasons, but those emerald fields have that green hue for a reason – this area has a habit of being wet. Colder winter temperatures do have an upside –  a plethora of indoor activities and a rich culture has developed to counteract the elements. It’s fair to say this part of the world has perfected the art of colder month living, but summer is where the magic comes alive.
Winter (Dec – Feb)
Rug up and head north to Scotland for Hogmanay, their version of New Year’s Eve, which starts on Dec 31 and lasts for three days.  A dram of local whisky and the cheer you’ll find will keep the chill at bay. In Britain and Ireland winter is the low season, when prices are cheaper and the locals at the cosy country pub you’ve just stumbled upon, have time to chat. Sure, the weather can be challenging, but as long as you come prepared for rain, drizzle, wind, hail, sleet, snow and even the occasional burst of sunshine, you’ll be fine. 
Spring (Mar – May)
With Easter the highlight of the seasonal calendar, this is a time when the UK comes to life. Big cities like London boast festive bunting and intricate chocolate-filled window displays, turning strolls down the high streets into a feast for the senses. Phoenix Park in Dublin is bursting with life, with families relishing weekends out in the sun.

In terms of weather, Spring is a mixed bag – you could experience four seasons in a day. Sunny? Raining? Or both within the hour? That's the norm in Britain and Ireland. Don’t choose between the sunscreen and brolly – pack both to be on the safe side.
Summer (June  - Aug)
Up and down the isles the first hints of summer are eagerly awaited. With the first warm breeze you’ll find locals racing to the park to soak up the sunshine in T-shirts – and don’t be surprised to see the odd bikini, either. Head to the closest outdoor bar and wallow in the late light. Too hot? Never, 25 degrees is considered a high. School holidays and work holidays are spread throughout July and August, so anytime you go in summer there’s room.
Autumn (Sept – Nov)
An Irish proverb says, “Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor”. And it’s true; the seasons turn on a dime. But autumn is an invigorating time; traditional music sessions in cosy pubs take place around crackling turf fires, and the countryside turns a kaleidoscope of hues. It’s not a time to remain indoors - in Britain there are still loads of outdoor activities, local festivals and incredible birdlife abounds (for avid birdwatchers). Take an extra layer and go explore this most atmospheric of seasons.
Culture & customs
With long and diverse histories, it’s no surprise you’ll find customs not just unique to each particular country, but specific areas. From the hammer throw in Scotland’s Highland Games to having your soul stirred by the lone bagpipes at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Scots have a culture all their own. To experience the quintessential English life, head to Brighton to eat fish and chips on Brighton Palace Pier. Back in London, witness the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace and mind the gap on the Tube. Iconic moments like this will have you feeling quasi-British.
Language & useful phrases
Just because this is the birthplace of the Queen’s English doesn’t mean that all Brits sound the same. Every new stop in the UK will be marked by a new accent. There’s no missing a Scottish accent from Glasgow or an Irish one from Galway – and by the end of your Globus tour, you’ll be able to tell the difference between the two. You might even pick up some Cockney in London!
Health & safety
Like anywhere you go, big cities in the UK are known for pickpocketing. Be sure to keep your valuables out of sight to avoid temptation for petty thieves. This is another good reason to have travel insurance wherever you go. While no specific immunisations are required for the UK, a pre-departure visit to your GP doesn’t go astray – they’ll let you know what you should take with you in case of illness. Also, be sure to visit https://smartraveller.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx  for current safety and travel information.
Electronics & devices
Like Australia, the UK powerpoints use 220-240 volt power, so you won’t need a voltage converter. You will however, need a plug adaptor. The UK uses square three-prong plugs, so be sure to buy an adaptor before leaving home. A universal adaptor, that converts Australian plugs to fit any outlet globally, will make your life easier. Or you can carry individual adaptors for each country. Country specific adaptors can be bought individually or in set, which is great if you’re going to more than one place, and don’t want to travel with a universal adaptor. It can be difficult to find adaptors for Australian appliances once you leave Australia, so make sure you have what you need before you leave home. Adaptors are easy to find at here. Department stores, electronic stores, luggage stores, large chemists and many stores at Australian airports carry them.
Money & costs
Costs here are higher than the EU average, but this won’t stop you living life to the full. Globus trips are stacked with inclusions, often including tips. This means you have just savvily saved pennies to spend on other things that might catch your eye. If in doubt, do ask your Tour Director whether tipping is recommended.
Top tips
Britain and Ireland are both relatively compact, and in travel terms, a breeze to navigate. You're never far from the next town, the next pub, the next restaurant, the next national park or the next impressive castle. And a sophisticated train system connects the Isles. The choice is endless. So our top tip? Keep your eyes peeled and mind open, a new adventure is literally just around the corner.
Visas & insurance
Australian and New Zealand citizens don’t need a visa for holiday stays of under 90 days in the UK. For a quick overview visas required by foreign countries, visit https://smartraveller.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx. We strongly recommend travel insurance, because the real travel magic happens when you’re worry free. We hope you don’t lose a bag or need a doctor (that’s not in our travel plan either!) but if the worst happens it’s good to have backup. Travel insurance is an easy way to take the worry out of travelling, so you can Go Live It.

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